Americans Who Stopped Paris Attack to Face Charges

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Paris, France—Blights and Sirens reporters have received exclusive information that Americans Spencer Stone, Alek Skarlatos, and Anthony Sadler are to face charges concerning the events that took place on the train bound for Paris on August 21st.  Charges emerged when one of the men admitted that they took possession of the Kalashnikov rifle when they disarmed the gunman, Ayoub el Khazzani.


Americans Spencer Stone, Alek Skarlatos and Anthony Sadler to face weapons charges.


Lead Investigator Jean-Pierre DeGaussirre of INTERPOL clarified the issue. “Here in France we have very strict gun control policies that prohibit anyone from possessing a Kalashnikov rifle at any time.  As soon as the American foreigners acquired the weapon, they were in violation of French law and we simply can’t let that go without facing punishment.”

Contributing to the charges is the lack of cooperation from the three suspects.  “They are refusing to tell us which one of them picked the Kalashnikov up,” DeGaussirre explained.  “Chances are good that two of them could go free, or perhaps just pay a fine for assaulting the Moroccan citizen.  But since they are not going to tell us which one of them actually possessed the rifle, they must all be held for hindering the investigation.”

The three Americans are reportedly awaiting some word from the American ambassador and the State Department, but nothing has been reported at this time.


President Obama meets with foreign leaders to discuss the American assault on a Moroccan citizen.

In related news, President Obama has reportedly flown to Morocco to discuss the incident with foreign leaders.  President Obama has yet to say whether he will attempt to intervene with the charges that the Americans are facing, but Press Secretary Josh Earnest said that a statement on the European model of firearms control and how it may be applied in America would be forthcoming.



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