Black Lives Matter Scientists Delay Manned Mars Mission

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Cape Canaveral, FL—The scheduled Black Lives Matter mission to Mars was postponed today due to a last-minute lack of a spacecraft and propulsion system.  Black Lives Matter Laboratories (BLML) Chief Engineer Dr. Roderick Smythe admits the group’s mission to seek unprivileged life on Mars was overly ambitious, but he hopes to iron out the problems in the space program very soon. “Our researchers have spent thousands of man hours formulating conjecture and opinion as it relates to space travel,” said Dr. Smythe. “We’re very proud of our progress, but at the end of the day, we just didn’t understand nature or reality.”

Research shows that emotion and theory on its own will not get a space program running at top capacity.  Dr. Smythe looked out of a large window situated in the “control room” and peered into a vacant lot.  He slowly looked up into the sky and cursed the heavens for being just out of his reach.  “I know you’re out there,” whispered Smythe.  “If only I had some [expletive] privilege.”



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