Black Lives Matter Scientists Develop Melanin Sensitive Bullet

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Black Lives Matter Laboratories

– Courtesy Black Lives Matter Laboratories

Chicago, IL—Scientists from the Black Lives Matter Accelerator Laboratory in Chicago, the nation’s third largest Black Lives Matter Scientific Institute, have confirmed the development of a smart bullet that won’t penetrate human flesh with specified levels of melanin, the substance in the human body that pigments the skin.

According to Dr. Ronaldo Underwood, it’s a technological advancement that levels the playing field of social justice in America. “Since nobody else is offering any solutions, we’ve invented a bullet prototype which proves that black lives matter once and for all,” said Dr. Underwood.

After the smart bullet is fired from a gun and makes contact with human flesh, advanced technology immediately detects melanin levels that are present in the skin within nanoseconds.

Courtesy Black Lives Matter Laborites

– Courtesy Black Lives Matter Laboratories

If the detected level of melanin is high enough, the bullet dissipates into a powder, leaving the subject unharmed.  If melanin levels are too low, or worse, non-existent – the bullet explodes, destroying the target.

The user can even adjust the melanin sensitivity levels, offering protection at a more precise level of racial preservation.

Testing is in the beginning stages, but researchers believe that the BLM bullet will be available by next summer, filling the magazines of American police officers throughout the nation.

The United States Department of Justice has already approved implementation of pilot programs for the BLM smart bullet in police departments once testing is complete.  “We’ve sided with Black Lives Matter since the beginning and have echoed their sentiment of extra-valued life,” said Attorney General Loretta Lynch.  “Now we’re going to prove it.”

Researchers admit there are some obstacles to overcome.  Right now, the Black Lives Matter bullet can be ineffective to any person who happens to have high levels of melanin including some Hispanics, Pacific Islanders, South Asian Indians, and even Europeans with really great tans, giving unintended credence to the now defunct “all lives matter” rhetoric.

“Our labs are working full steam to work out the bugs,” promises Dr. Underwood.

The Bloods Chicago street gang have voiced concern over the BLM bullet, fearing that the bullets may eventually find a way into their caches.  The Fraternal Order of Police and Bloods have formed an unlikely alliance as they both plan to demonstrate outside the Black Lives Matter Laboratories next week.



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