Controversial Narcan Ice Cream Trucks Join Battle to Fight Addiction

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If you hear the tunes of Lou Reed’s 1972 hit song “Perfect Day” blaring down the street don’t panic—you’re not having a flashback. You may be hearing the market’s latest attempt to address the current heroin epidemic plaguing America.

Ice cream trucks stocked with delicious Narcan infused ice cream or Nar-Cream™ are now making their way around cities where heroin overdoses have left communities devastated.

Some critics are calling the $60 cost per scoop of Nar-Cream™ price gouging but retailers of the miracle treat disagree.

“What is the cost of a human life?” asked Abbas Hazim.  Hazim owns and operates one of the tasty clinics-on-wheels and says he is providing a valuable service while making a living at the same time.  “It’s the dream of American,” added Hazim.

Hazim claims he saved dozens of lives with his product and has plans to expand soon.  By next year, he will add two new trucks to his fleet of creamy revival in neighboring cities.

So if you are downtown and feeling blue just keep your ears open for the music of Lou Reed, James Taylor, Neil Young, and Nine Inch Nails.  For just a days worth of pay, you can be skipping back to the light while you enjoy a delicious treat in a variety of available flavors, such as:

  • Don’t Be a Blueberry
  • Vanilla Lick
  • Chocolate Requital
  • Peanut Butter Breathe Again
  • Mountain Dew

Return customers can also take advantage of a generous reward program and get every fifth scoop free with a Nar-Cream™ reward card.

“Who thought breathing again could taste this good?”™



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