Dozens of Nurses Show Show Up at Minor Auto Accident and Say ‘I’m a Nurse’

Nurses pose after rendering aid
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Denver, CO—Detailed reports are coming in from the scene of a minor fender bender at the downtown intersection of Maple Avenue and 6th Street where traffic was shut down for two hours after nurses flooded the scene announcing their profession and generally getting in the way.

Dozens of single mothers with short hair, driving Jettas and wearing medium to large size green or blue scrubs descended upon the uninjured drivers to reassure them that help is on the way and to, “Stay calm buddy.”

“Did you have your seatbelt on?” they inquired.  “Don’t move his neck!” they ordered.  “I’m a nurse,” they said to reassure everyone on scene while spreading relief to the potentially worried.

According to sources, police were eventually forced to establish a staging area for the nurses who kept pulling over to render aid.  “We ended up forming a line for the nurses so they could take turns asking the drivers if they were okay,” said Lieutenant Jeff Kreist of the Denver police.  “Once the nurses were satisfied that everyone knew they were a nurse and nobody actually required medical attention, they started to leave the area and traffic was able to open up.”

One arrest was made for assault according to officials after one nurse was obsessed with attempting to intubate a witness to the crash.  Police sources say his injuries are serious but he is expected to survive.

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