Gunfire Erupts Between Rival Tactical Experts, Nobody Hurt

One damaged truckOne of several trucks damaged
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Houston, TX – What began as an uneventful convention for law enforcement officials to share expertise in weapons and tactics, turned ugly when rival instructors opened fire on each other.

During an argument over isosceles versus weaver stance, members of “Super A1 Tactical Solutions” reportedly challenged rival tactical group, “Blue Sheepdog Pro Warrior Elite” to a tactical shooting course.   At some point, Sergeant Jonah Lozenge of the Madison County Sheriff’s Office and Officer Rico Fuentes of Hallsville PD opened fire on one another.

A witness that wanted to remain anonymous said everyone was very lucky that nobody was seriously hurt.  “They were about ten yards from each other, just shooting back and forth,” he said.  “It was like they had force fields around them as they kept reloading. We couldn’t believe it.  Everyone was very lucky.”

Officer Dan Buccino said the fear turned awkward when the officers just stared at each other while yelling at the crowd for more ammunition.  “We weren’t sure if it was a joke or if someone was making a movie at that point,” said Buccino.  “When they ran out of ammo, we just tackled them before they could get their hands on some more.  I just remember them yelling about their sights being off.”

Officials said at least 112 shots were fired.

One damaged truck

One of several trucks damaged

Lieutenant Clyde Hosst of the Houston Police said, “Sometimes the rivalries that develop here due to the intense competition can get out of hand, but I’ve never seen a shootout before. It’s an embarrassment to all of law enforcement that it came down to this.” Lt. Hosst added that the property damage alone ensured an end to the convention.  Six trucks were damaged in the volley of gunfire and a passerby was grazed in the leg. Her injuries were minor and she was released from the hospital within hours.

Both Sergeant Lozenge and Officer Fuentes were placed on paid administrative leave from their respective departments.



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