Liberal Cop Joins The Academy, Justice Already Served

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Okay, so if you’ve been following me on my Facebook page, you know that I accepted the challenge to become a liberal cop that was presented by that fascist cop on the Anonymous Cop blog, Ethan Kennison.  I looked into it last week, found an academy about to start at one of my local junior colleges, and put in my application.  They look like the real deal by the way; I think they even have punching bags.

I met Dr. Harris, the school vice president because the academy director, this redneck looking guy who spoke in single syllables, had a cross up on the wall in his office.  You know how President Barack Obama said some people were clinging to their guns and their religion?  That’s THIS guy.  Well this is a public school, and I didn’t feel it was appropriate because it might intimidate Muslims, atheists like myself, basically anyone non-Christian, so I took the issue to Dr. Harris and the cross was removed.  Sweet justice.

But then I got a call the next morning from redneck’s secretary telling me my packet had been declined for being incomplete.  Well, that’s just bullshit because they ask a lot of questions they have no business asking like my gender – and what does race matter?  We are all ONE.  They have no right to violate my privacy like that.  PLUS you and I both know that the real reason for them trying to decline me was because I complained about that silly cross.

So I went down to the campus and spoke with Dr. Harris again, along with a whistle-blower and retaliation complaint I had prepared by my dad’s attorney.  We told them we were going to sue them for every penny they had, and Dr. Harris agreed with us that the application was way too invasive and they didn’t have any right to ask all of those personal questions.  So after a few calls to some board members and their legal team, Dr. Harris called the academy director and told him I was to be admitted, and that was that.

Always important to fight the good fight!  We can do anything we set our minds to do.  Dr. Harris said I was heroic for standing up for myself, and standing up for the rights of others who would follow in my footsteps.  I never thought of myself as a hero, but I guess he’s right; heroism is where anyone stands up for what is right.

Dr. Harris likes me quite a bit, and I’m glad, I like him too.  He invited me over for a dinner party at his house tomorrow night.  He said there would be some other guests, and to bring my swim suit since they have a hot tub.

I’m looking forward to it!



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