Liberal Cop Prepares For The Academy

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I’m really excited about the upcoming academy. This week I have to attend an orientation, and then I have to pick up my books.

The instructions I was given in my packet have an awful lot of stuff in it, like I have to find a set of gray sweat pants and gray t-shirts, because we have PT, which is exercising like gym class. Man, I always hated gym class in high school, so I hope it’s not like that in the academy. And you would think they could get something better than GRAY. My uniform is gray, the building is gray, my sweats are gray. They should let us express our individuality and wear whatever we want to gym.

The instructions also say I need to have a “military style haircut”.  I’ve never been in the military, of course, I’m not a violent type of person.  But the instructions say a military haircut is “close to the side of the head, off the ear, can be a little longer on top”.  So I went to my hairdresser and got myself spruced up.  I think it looks pretty good, kind of like Justin Beiber.  I’m going to make this gray uniform look GOOD!  It actually doesn’t look too bad with a nice set of Ray-bans.

I took a selfie, here it is.


Liberal Cop (cadet) shows off his stylish military-style hair cut.


Don’t I look good?  I mean, I blurred my face because I don’t want the rednecks finding out who I am and harassing me, but you can tell my hair looks fabulous!

So I am getting close!  I think this week I’m going to start stretching and doing some exercises to get ready for the academy.  I also have to get a physical and psychological test done.  Wish me luck!



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