NRA Elects Wounded Ferguson Gun Enthusiast Tyrone Harris Jr. To Board of Directors

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The National Rifle Association is under scrutiny once again, but this time the heat is coming from within the NRA’s own ranks.  NRA Vice President Wayne LaPierre announced that 18 year old Ferguson shooter Tyrone Harris Jr. has been elected to the NRA board of directors.

Tyrone Harris Jr. is the possibly-armed black teenager who was shot by Ferguson police on the anniversary of Mike Brown’s death.  Officials claim Harris fired on undercover officers during a night of unrest in Ferguson.  As law enforcement members of the NRA have expressed their dismay with Harris’ election to the board, Lapierre says that he understands their concern but the decision is final and the voters have spoken.

Tyrone Harris Jr. remains in stable condition at an area hospital.  NRA leaders say they are hoping for a speedy recovery so that they can get to work with Harris.  Mr. Harris will be the organization’s youngest member on the board and the least conscious.

Lapierre says the decision to nominate Tyrone Harris was because of Harris’ passion for guns.  “We’re very impressed by this young man,” said Lapierre.  “He’s been around guns his whole life.

Tyrone Harris

Baby Tyrone

In fact we can’t even find a single picture of Mr. Harris without him proudly displaying a gun of some sort other than a mugshot.  He’s clearly very passionate about firearms and we look forward to his enthusiasm in defending the second amendment.”

Although Tyrone Harris’ family denies that Tyrone even knew what a gun was, hundreds of photographs have surfaced proving otherwise.

Double fisting power

Double fisting power

If you flipped through each photo of Mr. Harris with a handgun, you would watch a flip-book movie of his entire life.  Tyrone Harris apparently had so many firearms, even Ted Nugent was impressed calling Harris’ gun collection “inspiring” during a board meeting.

NRA officials state they do not condone Harris’ actions on the night he was shot, however they could not pass utilizing up his experience with guns.  “It’s as if firearms are an extension of his soul; he couldn’t live without them” added Pierre.



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