Santa Clara PD Announces New Less Lethal Firearms Training

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Santa Clara, CA – In the wake of recent shootings that have angered citizens, Santa Clara city officials have announced a new re-training program designed to teach police officers how to use firearms in a manner that is less lethal.

Mayor Gregorio Logan was happy to discuss details of this program to Blights and Sirens editorial staff.  “We’ve seen feedback on internet forums and in comments on national news sites asking why police officers aren’t shooting to disarm a citizen, or shooting citizens in the leg in order to stop them.

“In City Hall we have always felt that police tactics were too heavy-handed,” declared Logan.  “What we mean by that is a police officer’s tendency to use deadly force any time they encounter another weapon.  We just feel that police officers shouldn’t immediately ‘shoot to kill’.  We are now training our officers to shoot in less lethal areas of the body.”

Polls indicating support of this program have been mixed.  In a recent B&S poll, 91% of all citizens of Santa Clara supported officers who do not shoot citizens unnecessarily, and 72% of all college educators felt that all police actions could be handled with non-lethal methods.  An overwhelming 98% of officers initially did not support the idea, however.

crotch bullseye

New firearms qualification targets for SCPD

“It’s ludicrous,” stated Officer Howard Mawshine as he walked into his first day of training.  “This is going to get some of us killed.”  At the end of

the day, however, his tune had changed.

“Well, after firing a few rounds at our new certified qualification target, I began to think that this new approach could be a good idea over time – and cost effective,” Mawshine mused.  “Hell, in about 20 years or so, Santa Clara could be the most crime free city in the nation.”



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